Star Wars:


Star Wars: GALAXY AT WAR was my first large scale design project. 

It is a board-game based on the Star Wars franchise. 

The main focus for this project was to experiment with processes to make a game that felt true to the franchise. 

In 1973 Star Wars was released. Along with it a huge amount of toys and merchandise were produced. Because of the quality of these items, many are still around to this day. I wanted to ensure that my product would last throughout the ages. 

The board and box are made from highly polished Plywood with all the external and board design being heat pressed onto a cotton based fabric using heat press sublimation printing. 

The playing pieces and markers are made from Pewter. I designed the pieces using adobe illustrator. Each piece required a custom mould created from laser cut plywood. 

© 2018 Charles McQuade.

Playing Board