Killing Eve

Killing Eve has been an enormous project for BBC Creative. Working with both the Design and Digital teams I've produced multiple assets for this fantastic series. These assets were created in collaboration with Digital Creative Emma Brooke, who wrote the majority the of Copy for these assets.  

1. Happn Dating App:  Happn, is a dating app that uses your location to provide a user with matches. We created a profile for the antagonist Villanelle. Users would match with villanelle and get message from her leading them to the first episode on BBC iPlayer. 

2.Definitions: On social media many fans were discussing the imaginative language used in the show. We thought we would proved them with some definitions...

3. Partner Assets: Designing to specifications, I created a suite of assets to advertise killing Eve across an array of platforms including:  Amazon Fire, Apple App Store, Now Tv, LG Smart Tv. 

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